The old story is that the first person to eat a coconut probably got a sore throat. The second person was observant and took his time. He was much smarter. He was also persistent, creative and bold. He realised he had to deal with a lot of packaging before he was rewarded. When he finally reached the coconut seed, he decided to crack it open, and enjoyed the fruit and water that he found inside. He also discovered other uses for the parts he’d removed – the husk was turned into ropes or used as fuel or scouring pads. The now-empty seed became a tool, a storage vessel, a ladle, or a decorative item. He was patient. He was creative. He took the coconut apart, and turned it into more than it originally seemed.

We call this unravelling and reshaping.

unravelling and reshaping behaviour

All businesses have two intangible but potent assets: their people and their brands.
However, not all companies build these assets well enough.

We are a consultancy helping businesses extract maximum value from these key assets, through bespoke services that cover business consulting, branding, communications, leadership training and coaching.

We provide one-off and on-going skill development programmes covering all aspects of marketing, marketing communications, team effectiveness, cross-border collaboration and leadership.

We help leadership teams and functional teams solve business challenges, address business process issues, exploit brand development opportunities and design robust marketing plans.

We work with a wide spectrum of blue-chip clients covering the FMCG, Finance, Media and Pharmaceutical sectors.

We deliver measurable results against agreed objectives.

All businesses have two intangible but potent assets:

their people

their brands

We help businesses extract maximum value from these key assets.

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unravelling and reshaping behaviour