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Who are we?

Sam Moorthy

Sam Moorthy

Anita Moorthy

Anita Moorthy

With more than 25 years of marketing communications experience; Sam brings rich, practical knowledge to address a wide range of client problems. He has worked with multinational clients on several international brands, and has led multi-functional teams across borders in various European markets.  Sam thrives in multinational, multicultural, multilingual environments; and is known to provide clients the advice they need, not what they want.

He is passionate about music, photography, cricket, cooking, single malt whisky and flying gliders.

Anita is the backbone of the company. Trained in economics and commerce, she keeps a watchful eye on finances. Anita teaches English : Business English to working professionals, and General English to high school and university students. In addition, she follows up on new business opportunities, and helps deliver training programs and workshops. Anita is a published author and has written two books for children. She also edits all the company’s written work.

She is passionate about history, travel, reading, writing, teaching, cooking and teaching cooking.

When assignments require special skills or experience, we work with selected external partners

Peter Flanek

Peter Flanek

Peter Boros

Peter Boros

Peter is one of the few creative professionals who can convert strategy into creative thought. He has an MA in graphic design and photography, and several years’ experience in international advertising agencies. We work with him on assignments that require creative conceptualisation e.g. branding assignments.

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Peter is an outstanding brand marketing professional and brings decades of knowledge on various blue chip FMCG brands in global markets: Australia, EU and the Middle East. We work with him on assignments and services specific to SME clients based in Central Europe.

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What makes us different?


We will work with you to identify your needs and define an objective that is specific and measurable. Your program will be tailor-made. It will not be a mere re-application of material proven elsewhere.


We are committed to building brands and elevating skills. We will ensure programme participants and others understand this, and we will discourage passengers. We will change methodology mid-course if needed, to deliver the results committed.


Our organization size and structure permits us to reassure clients that they will work with one person from initial meeting to project conclusion. This is a powerful way to assign accountability and ownership.



We recognise that third party consultants are brought in for a fresh, external perspective. We will make every effort to see matters from your point-of-view and understand your priorities. After that, if we disagree with you we will tell you so, and explain why.

Passion & Energy

We are a small organisation, and believe our success depends on our ability to exceed expectations, consistently. When we work on an assignment, we wholeheartedly commit ourselves to our clients. We believe our clients see and feel that.

If you have a business problem, drop us a note.

We’ll get back to you within 36 hours.

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