Building Brands

Strong brands are built on a foundation of strong consumer connection. That might sound obvious, but it’s not always evident. Increasingly nowadays, memorable and stunning execution is replacing deep and meaningful connection.

We focus on the basics. We work with clients to develop robust marketing plans by identifying barriers to brand growth, and uncovering nuances of consumer behaviour.

These services are available through consultancy, workshops and coaching, either as separate inputs or as one seamless feed.


Sometimes client organisations need an outsider’s perspective for a fresh look at their business issues. With a focus on building strong brands, we provide business advisory services in three interconnected areas :

Segmentation, insights, uncovering barriers to behaviour, discovering unmet needs.

Positioning, benefit hierarchy, equity design, business and marketing strategy.

Pitch co-ordination services, briefing and developing creative work, adapting creative work, improving existing creative work.


These are hands-on problem solving sessions of varying duration and intensity. Each workshop is problem-specific and custom developed to address the uniqueness of each client and business challenge. Built on the established principles of applying the combined brain pool to an existing problem, these workshops go two steps further.

Participants develop a detailed implementation plan, and work towards getting senior management buy-in during the workshop. Typical themes are:

For a wide range of scenarios including new brand launches, white space expansions, brand re-launches, response to competitive action, line extensions etc. for both global and local brands.

For different stages in the process – insight generation, brief development and briefing, creative development and review, extension into different media etc. for both original creative work and adaptations.


When needed, we work with multifunctional teams, often including external partners. Although staffed by experienced and trained managers, sometimes these teams function within their capabilities.

Our responsibility is to make them see the big picture and in that context, help them overcome barriers to realising plans. Typical themes are:

We work with key members of multi-functional teams, helping them anticipate and prepare for hurdles to implementation. We help team members work together, leveraging each other’s strengths and capabilities.

We work with brand teams (local country and regional) and help them fine-tune global strategies to local market situations. This includes retaining the essence of global equity while making it more combative in the local context.

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