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The backbone of any organisation is its middle-management. Infused with experience and energy, it represents the organisation’s investment in its own future. Consequently, every organisation develops, nurtures and retains this pool of talent – or it ought to.

Our services are aimed at building skills, imparting knowledge and developing perspective among middle management.

These services are available through consultancy, workshops and coaching, either as separate inputs or as one seamless feed.


Today’s business climate drives organisations to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of its operations. That’s fine for machines, but people need a different approach – they need to be empowered to deliver more. This requires more than a revised job description, and must be reflected in how the organisation works. We recognize this and provide advisory services in three interconnected areas:

Defining roles, responsibilities, independence and interdependence in an evolving situation.

Establishing systems, reporting relationships, workflow, and monitoring methods.

Implementing ways-of-working with external partners and across borders.


Middle management skills are different from those needed at any other level. Middle managers have to learn to stop doing things themselves and learn to get things done. Tomorrow’s top management emerges from today’s middle management.

The bulk of the work we do with middle management is in developing and strengthening their people skills. Workshops are developed based on actual situations at work. The theory and skill development is provided a context, increasing its absorption, belief and reapplication. Typical themes are:

An intangible quality that is not connected to one’s title or position in the organisation, often noticed only when it’s absent. We work with groups of individuals helping them develop leadership skills – situational, transactional, transformational – and their own leadership styles; within the context of the organisation’s business priorities.

Most work today is carried out by small, highly skilled and empowered teams, usually based in multiple locations. We work with both individual members and leaders of these teams, and raise their effectiveness. Using our proprietary GOTEAMS approach, we take them through a seven step process.


Individuals do not always perform to the same level of consistency. They cannot – and it’s not always down to skill either. There are often other factors that limit performance – external but not extraneous, minor but not insignificant, intangible but not imagined, and serious but not insurmountable.

We work closely with the individual and help them understand why they are not performing to potential. We then help them work towards overcoming these performance gaps. Each programme is individual-specific. Typical themes are:

Perhaps one of the most frustrating experiences for a manager or team leader is watching one of his colleagues perform below potential. It is usually because the individual is losing focus or confidence or both. It requires deep one-on-one work.

Nothing prepares a person for growth better than being placed in a position when growth is needed. Most progressive organisations define a career path, simplifying growth planning. We work with individuals identified for growth, helping them understand the requirements of their planned role and prepare for it.

English is not the first language for several people at work; but they need that level of comfort and expertise with English, at work. Our bespoke one-on-one English language coaching works with individuals at different levels of expertise, helping them improve their knowledge of and comfort with Business English.

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